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PRP: Your Own Body's Resources for Treating Osteoarthritis and Sports Injuries


PRP stands for "Platelet Rich Plasma". Plasma is the clear part of the blood that is obtained after having passed it through a machine that centrifuges it, in order to be able to eliminate the red and white blood cells.

Platelets are then concentrated in this plasma, small corpuscles which normally play a role in coagulation, but which are used here for their regenerative properties: they contain numerous growth and regeneration factors.

Your own blood is therefore taken with a special syringe which will separate the plasma from the platelets during centrifugation.

Prise de sang

plasma et sang séparés

double seringue, 15 ml

extraction du plasma avec la seringue intérieure


à droite: le PRP!

No additives whatsoever are added, it is with your pure plasma that we work!

The PRP thus obtained can be injected into a joint or in the vicinity of a tendon or a ligament, and the growth factors can exert their protective and regenerative effect.

For example, osteoarthritis can be treated:

- osteoarthritis of the knee, 

- osteoarthritis and periarthritis of the shoulder, 

- osteoarthritis of the foot and ankle, etc.

We can also treat sports injuries: 

- patellar tendinitis, 

- Achilles tendinitis, 

- damage to the shoulder tendons

- epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

- epitrochleitis (golfer's tendonitis)

- breakdown

- after an operation on ligaments or cartilage , to accelerate and promote healing

There is also an effect on painful scars.

PRP to treat osteoarthritis, sports injuries, scars, skin and hair: a simple and safe method


What is PRP?

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