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Partial denture




also called "hemiprosthesis" or "half prosthesis".

Some knee problems can be treated with a partial prosthesis, that is, a prosthesis that only replaces the articular surfaces and the meniscus on one side of the knee.


The operation is lighter than the total prosthesis, the incision is a little smaller, the rehabilitation is faster, and the function of the knee is "more natural" afterwards.

This prosthesis can be considered for the following indications:

- degenerative osteoarthritis affecting only one compartment of the knee, internal or external, 

- wear after excision of the meniscus several years earlier, 

- isolated necrosis: area of bone that dies for no particular reason, and which causes pain when loaded, 

- wear on "X" legs or "O" legs

It is necessary to count with a hospital stay of 3 to 7 days, and a rehabilitation of approximately 2 months. Rods are only needed for about 3 weeks.



In some cases, knee osteoarthritis affects only the patellar part:

PF arthrose.png

In this type of case, only the joint between the patella and the femur, or patellofemoral, can be replaced.

The prosthesis consists of a patellar "button" in polyethylene (a variety of ultra-resistant plastic), and a "shield" in polished stainless steel that is inserted on the top of the femur.


  profile view of the prosthesis:

​This prosthesis is designed for relatively young and active patients, up to about 60-65 years old; it "saves time" on the progression of osteoarthritis, ensuring good knee function almost without pain for years. It is however likely that a second operation will become necessary if the osteoarthritis progresses in the other compartments of the knee.

We can expect a fairly rapid recovery after the operation, faster in any case than after a total prosthesis, which is much more invasive.

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