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Do you suffer from osteoarthritis, arthritis, back or lumbar pain, stiffness?  

YOGATHERAPY can help you!


Yoga is an age-old technique that cultivates both body and mind.

In modern medicine, it is a gentle therapy based on breathing, muscle and joint work, respecting the limits of pain and the possibilities of each. It is a question of gently promoting a better posture, more harmonious movements, better flexibility.

Rest assured: a yoga treatment is not about taking crazy positions under the orders of a guru!

The sessions are individual, they take place on Wednesdays in this office and are given by Mrs. Véronique Leonardi , a certified and experienced yoga therapist.

Some complementary insurances reimburse all or part of its services.

You can make an appointment directly with my assistant, on 021 683 12 13, or directly with Mrs Leonardi, on 079 691 46 81.

I wish you a good recovery !


Dr Philippe Zangger

Yoga: a gentle method to maintain the joints

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline originating in ancient India. It is also a non-violent way to work the muscles, joints and ligaments through breathing exercises and postures that sometimes resemble stretching, and sometimes sheathing, i.e. strengthening the muscles. without necessarily making big moves.

There are different types of yoga that adapt to everyone's possibilities, taking into account limitations, pains and disabilities; anyone can do yoga, young and old, athletic and sedentary, slim and "wrapped". There is never competition in yoga, nor speed.

Recent study on yoga and back pain: The team of Dr. Robert B. Saper, from Boston, showed in a study of 320 patients suffering from lower back pain, that yoga, at the rate of 1h30 per week, was also effective than physiotherapy. These results are also applicable for many other orthopedic pathologies.  

To read more about the study results, click  HERE  (in English).

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