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Put on a mask - even homemade: a citizen gesture!

Our authorities, who by the way are doing a magnificent job, which makes me proud to be Swiss, seem on the other hand to have a problem with the wearing of masks by the population.


The reasons our leaders cite for not recommending its widespread use:

1. They should not be removed from the health system.

2. wearing a mask may cause people to not respect the safety distance, and may touch their face more to adjust the mask.


Let's remember what wearing a mask is for in the event of an epidemic: whether it filters microbes more or less well, it is above all effective in retaining the projections of droplets of saliva produced when you cough or sneeze, but also when you speak. When you wear a mask, you mainly protect the person in front. Studies have even shown that a homemade mask, certainly less efficient than a professional surgical mask, is definitely better than no mask at all!


The thing is, the mask only works if everyone puts one on.  and  respect the safety distance and hand hygiene measures.


Individualistic thinking (I protect myself by putting on a mask) must give way to a more community vision: I wear a mask to protect others, and others, by wearing a mask, protect me!


Findings  :

1. in order not to subtract professional masks from the health system, let's make them ourselves! It's not difficult, there are dozens of tutorials on the internet, and they will in any case be more effective than no masks at all! A scarf or scarf to cover your mouth and nose is better than nothing. let's be creative  ! Don't forget to wash them at 60° after each use. Let's also cover our noses  !


2. Let's be disciplined: let's wear the mask  in addition  to respect the safety distance of 2 meters. Let's try not to constantly readjust the masks  : we can get used to wearing a mask.


The risk of contamination will not magically decrease the day the containment measures are relaxed, and wearing a mask will be crucial for the future.


In the meantime, let's wear a mask as soon as we leave our house! Let's make it ourselves to save the professionals  ! At work  !

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